building data

Make quick and well-informed real estate
decisions with just an address

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All the building data you may need
instantly accessible

Address & location

Simplify your customer journey with an intuitive address input & validation process and get a geocoded location for your customer's address


Get advanced insights on characteristics such as parcel & living area, volume, flood risks, presence of solar panels, a swimming pool, ...

3D models

Integrate realistic 3D visualisations of any building, into your applications


Obtain accurate estimations of the transaction and reconstruction value of any house or apartment (building)

Why choose Rockestate?

Save time

Don’t spend resources on manual information gathering when you can get it automatically, instantly

Make better decisions

Decide based on objective data and intelligence
Leave no room for human bias

Data at scale

A solution that works at country-wide scale for all your addresses

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Companies trusting our data

Based on open geodata
driven by AI

The core of our product is built on open geodata sources on which we apply the latest techniques in the field of artificial intelligence

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