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Instant real estate data
for Property insurance

Build awesome customer journeys

  • Reduce the number of questions you ask your customer
  • Let your customers visually confirm their property via a 3D model
  • Make your underwriting process frictionless!
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Make no compromises on risk management

  • Enrich your insurance portfolio with relevant building data and identify which characteristics drive your claim frequency and severity
  • Improve existing pricing models or develop new ones
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Monitor and improve your data quality

  • Screen the data quality of new insurance policies
  • Remedy shortcomings in the data quality of existing policies
  • Aim for a rich and high-quality dataset that can empower your internal processes and predictive models

Get accurate reconstruction value estimates

  • Estimate the reconstruction value of any house or apartment
  • Get accurate estimates with as little input as just an address
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Use case

The future of home insurance: geodata driven risk pricing

Corona Direct, a direct insurance company, operating in Belgium, launched a new home insurance product powered by Rockestate data. Customers no longer have to complete a long list of questions, but instead can get a risk premium by merely providing the address of the property they want to insure.