Instant building data for Mortgage lending

Get accurate real estate price estimates

  • Estimate the transaction price of any house or apartment via our Automatic Valuation Model (AVM)
  • Get accurate estimates with as little input as just an address

Strengthen your risk management

  • Evaluate the collateral quality of your mortgage loans at origination and during their lifecycle
  • Monitor the evolution of the collateral value in your mortgage loan portfolio and identify possible issues early on

Build awesome customer journeys

  • Evaluate and (in)validate the collateral value of a home with the help of our AVM
  • Focus on properties that would benefit from the visit of a surveyor before financing the transaction  
  • Simplify the loan origination process for both your organisation and your customers

Monitor and improve your data quality

  • Screen the data quality of new mortgage loans
  • Remedy shortcomings in the data quality of existing loans
  • Aim for a rich and high-quality dataset that can empower your internal processes and predictive models